December 12th, 2012 8:00 AM EST

Vision Plasma Systems, Inc. Teams With Planet Hydra, LLC to Create an Ocean-Based Waste Remediation Site and Water Desalination Vessel

RENO, NV--(Marketwire - Dec 12, 2012) - Vision Plasma Systems, Inc. ( PINKSHEETS : VLNX ) today announced its discussions with Planet Hydra to retrofit retired ocean vessels to function as floating waste remediation sites and water desalination plants. The plan includes the installation of three (3) Arc Master I Plasma Arc Gasification Units on deck, and three (3) large water desalination units below deck...
November 27th, 2012 8:00 AM EST

Vision Plasma Systems, Inc. Releases Details of Its Talks With Waste To Energy of Vancouver to Help Provide Efficient Water Treatment Solutions Worldwide in a Potential Agreement Valued in Excess of $102 Million

RENO, NV--(Marketwire - Nov 27, 2012) - Vision Plasma Systems, Inc. ( PINKSHEETS : VLNX ) has disclosed details of its discussion of a potential mutual teaming agreement with Waste To Energy Canada (WTEC) of Vancouver, BC, Canada to use Vision Plasma Systems' Arc Master I energy production capability to increase proficiency of their waste water treatment, water supply and water management systems...

Arc Master I
trucksVision Plasma Systems over the past three years, has developed a highly advanced, mobile plasma arc gasification waste remediation capability called the Arc Master I. The production, deployment and utilization of the Arc Master I is important on a global scale and will leave a net positive impact on worldwide economy, environment, military policy, humanitarian needs, the oil drilling industry, natural and man-made disaster relief and much more.

To date, no piece of mobile thermal waste technology has been developed or utilized that can quickly be dispatched to remediate waste without the negative by-products of toxic air emissions, toxic ash, or heavy metal remnants. At the same time the Arc Master I can generate FREE electricity or a natural gas that can be utilized on site to power additional equipment, operating bases, or living quarters. The Arc Master I can safely remediate all forms of hazardous, biological and common wastes.
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